Dev Diary #16 - welcome to the new year

Hello everyone, First of all welcome to 2019! The Christmas period was a long, much needed break. Since it’s the new year we wanted to show you some of the content we have been working on.


We have included a small video showing more work on platforms, a couple of assets and basic mood of the level. We also have some exploration shots for the Laboratory environment.


After we finish enemies, the focus will be working on Security Guard and his mutated state. We have also been working on the Scientist and his unfortunate mutation.

The Security Guard allowed us to test building characters from individual pieces, so next in line will be first AGI Tech character gear so we can start working with gearing up in game.



Security mutant is first non standard rig in the game.


The next weapon for the main character is Energy Rifle. So far we have been working on textures, so the final version will probably be included in next update.


One of the major updates this month is functional spawn manager, which allows us to populate maps with lots of handy settings. It will give us freedom to generate maps without having to place all enemies for each of them again.

Thanks for reading and see you next month!


Dev Diary #15 - November's update

Hi, everyone Christmas are behind the door so we have some news and updates for you.

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One of the first enemies -Security Guard- is in the game already and Mutated version follows straight after.



First level to test our workflow is Asteroid Mine. Level and assets are still in progress but we want to share with you our direction and style.



We are working towards basic combat experience. It involve few implementations which will help to get proper feel of it. So our coders created mouse-over outlines, floating damage system, flash on hit and basic enemy health bar. All is in stage of prototyping and not reflecting final look of implementation.


Another enemy in works is Scientist. Mutated version and necessary details in progress.


Last but not least our Sound designer put together couple of ideas and created longer combat track.

Hope you enjoyed our November’s update see you next month!


Dev Diary #14 - Holidays Update

Hi, so after a couple of months of “Blog silence” (blame the holidays) we return with a large update. We have some characters, environments, code, design and even music sneak peaks for you.


Over the last couple of months we have been working on different variations of gear and the modifications of the Agility body-type.

EXO-SUIT - gear set for the agility body-type. One of the first pieces of equipment the player gets in the game, helping the player character to become an efficient contractor without any body modifications. Below you can see some examples of the Zbrush model, exo-suit in-game and also a running test.



Another character piece we have been working on lately is the transformation of the AGILITY CHARACTER with Tech modifications. It's not fully implemented in-game yet but the images below are from low poly/ ingame version of that character.



For our First enemy we started working on the Security guard. As this is the first enemy we thought we would go with something more generic and then push it more with mutations and more interesting attack mechanics. Below you can see the initial concept and zbrush sculpt of the Security guard.



It would not be an Action RPG without a proper Inventory system. As a starting point we created a white-boxed prototype of how it can all work and what sort of equipment type you can wear. Video below shows a few of the UX decisions we are working on to create a familiar and pleasant experience.



more progress done on the skybox especially on the space elevator for asteroid mines. Basic texturing and animations helping to set up the feel of the depth in the level nicely.

space elevator.png


We also have a few more additions to our weapons design ready to be made. Namely PDW (one handed ranged weapon) , Double barrel shotgun and Energy rifle.



Last but not least below you can hear a few music tests and ideas for ambient sounds (safe zone) and Combat zones.

It has been a good few weeks and its great to see parts of the puzzle coming together.If you want to know more you can find us at our DISCORD CHANNEL.

See you next month with more updates. Thanks for reading




This week I would like to talk about some combat GUI elements, player deaths and movement abilities.


General rule is that you should be able to turn on/off all combat GUI elements, which ever settings you prefer. 

We are going to support player health using both graphic indicators and numbers. You can choose one of them, both or nothing.
In general we are trying to use UMG and avoid any low level "Slates".


First step for us was to plug in ragdoll deaths to the player to avoid extra work for the animator which is not necessary at this stage of development. Deaths will look organic and random without spending valuable resources on it. 

Thanks to "Fade" who prepared the ragdoll setup we now have player deaths ready. For later stages we are aiming to plug in some fatalities, so you can easily end up split in half by a fully automatic Gatling gun etc. 
   Deaths will be dependent on amount of damage , critical strike and/or weapon type/damage which caused the death. Where normal damage should trigger ragdoll and any other fatal (huge) damage should trigger some fatality  animation corresponding to damage element and weapon type.

I implemented a basic damage system by which you can kill other players and modifiable player health regeneration. 
Once the player health reaches zero or less he dies and the body becomes a ragdoll.

As you can see in the video below there is a development version of the "revive option" when player can re-spawn. 

Common practice in games such as Diablo is whenever player dies he/she leaves a tombstone or any kind of interactive beacon for other players to revive him. We really like this mechanic so this will be another addition to our "player death" mechanic.



I am currently working on movement abilities. Particularly on the roll forward motion.
Its quite tricky a task to have smooth results in multiplayer. I will share my experience about that in my next dev diary or you can hit me up at our Discord channel for more information.

In the video below you can see the basic roll animation which is quite straight forward.
But this is only a part of the story. We need to deal with obstacles,distances, replications at server/client etc. We want to have as much of a stress-free experience for the player as possible, so control over this kind of movement is one of the higher priority to have it done right. 


Thanks for attention and I am looking forward to sharing my progress in the next diary.



Weekly Dev Diary #3 - early prototype and multiplayer

Hi guys,

My Name is Vaclav (discord name Æbone) and I am the coder at Hardwired. I would like to give you some insight in to coding for Deicides.

After doing lots of research and comparison of top engines in the market right now, we decided to use UNREAL ENGINE as our weapon of choice and we have no regrets yet. I love C++ so Unreal Engine 4 was a pretty straightforward option.


I am huge fan of the Action RPG genre and have spent countless hours playing Diablo 3 , Path of exile or most recent games in development like Wolcen (Umbra) or Last Epoch. Working on Deicides is fulfilling my dream to create an ARPG which i sorely missed on the market.


We started with the prototype, with simple mechanics and adding tools and features along the way. My goal was to get to know unreal engine workflow and tools. I've started with single player mode and the progress was quite smooth.

All was ok until i found out that for multiplayer most of the mechanics and code will have to be structured differently. I had to stop progressing and focus on reconstructing what we already had, to work in multiplayer (dedicated server) mode.    



Once we had become a semi-full dev team we had to switch to proper project settings and support multiplayer straight from the beginning. Having multiplayer required more than just adding a few more characters, we have to create a secure system of client/server communication and checks. No one wants to have a spoiled game experience by cheaters. Most of the team members were impacted by this decision, but it will give us heads up and stress free development time if we will try to implement it at later stage.

Our main goal is to have a responsive game as best as we can but still have closed doors for cheating. You will end up creating lots of compromises, but server must be fully in charge (especially in competetive enviroment of this genre). The client simulates predictions with a little bit of a head start(not waiting for server update) and the server will correct it in case of some inconsistencies. This way the player experience should feel responsive and under control with double checks for potential miss aligments.


Conversion from prototype to multiplayer was difficult but I learned a lot about the Unreal engine and knowing that if we do the transition later it will be a much harder task to tackle.


Thanks for your attention. I will be happy to share any of my progress with you in another Dev Diary post.

If you have any questions don't hesitate and ask! You can find me at our Discord channel.


- Æbone