Dev Diary #17 - A.I. test, strength bodytype, lab and more…

Hello everyone,

Our newest DEV diary is here. This time we have a few updates from each department, summarized in one video (accompanied by some demo music from our composer).

If you like this format or have any questions regarding the content, let us now in the youtube comments, on our social media, or on our discord channel.


Our character team managed to add a new player character body type, a new gear-set (the texture is in progress) and finalized textures for the scientist and security enemy types. We also plugged in new animations for attacks and general locomotion.


Another gear set is in the making. This time it will be a light armored specialist.



We've made a lot of progress in the level design and visual style of the Underground Laboratory.

We are looking for experienced Environment artist to help us resume work on the asteroid mines. If “YOU” like the ARPG genre (Diablo, Pillars Of Eternity) and have the drive to push this project with us towards release, you can contact me (LKR) at our discord or through the email form on this website.


We are currently working on Amazon Gamelift integration to test our multiplayer connection and performance early in development.

Regarding gameplay, most of the work being done is to get our game playable as soon as possible, with basic skills and equipment. A.I. movement, attacks and basic behavior. Support code for itemization and design. Work on movement abilities to polish user experience local and online environment. Basic VFX code support and many more small tasks which are essential to get Deicides a playable “start line”.


Our composer created couple of demo music ideas for combat and safe zone situations. He also worked on possible trailer music but we will not spoil it for you just yet. :)


We feel that most ARPG games rise and fall based on the success of their itemization and loot systems. We are taking our time to work on tiers, affixes and a substantial list of items to have something to start with. When we feel it is in presentable shape, we would like to hear your opinion.

In the mean time - what is your favorite ARPG play style and why?

Thanks and see you later with another update.