Hi my name is Lukas Kraina(discord name LKR) and I am art director behind Deicides. First off all I would like to thank everyone who subscribed to our blog. Its nice to see people showing interest in our dream project. I would like to show you part of our character creation process which will hugely influence your experience as a player.

When you start your journey as a private contractor you will soon find out that the human body has its limitations, so after a while you will face a life changing decision...


Choose your path wisely, because there is no way back. Once you alter you genes or start replacing your nerve system with synthetic neural network you have to live or die with that decision. 

Agility body type comparison - Basic , exoskeleton , tech and bio version.  equipment not included.


DNA alterations and mods are as common as plastic surgery; there is nothing that money cannot buy. Bio mods can change your body completely - from hardened bones, a second heart, faster metabolism or even a bone scythe extending from your forearm. Human may become something else, but at a cost. The side effects are unknown; your body will refuse any common technologies. 


Installing a neural network is just the first step in transforming your body in to a fully synthetic killing machine. If you desire robotic arms that can punch through concrete walls, neuro-links allowing them to remote control several drones at one time, eye-nerve port for your sniper rifle or just stilts like leg for speed and long jumps you will find right modification which will suit your style.


If you have any suggestions for nice bio or tech mods feel free to post it in comments or on our Discord channel


Thanks! LKR.