cyberpunk Action RPG

In the world of genetic experiments and  technological modifications,

humankind have been replaced at the top of the evolutionary ladder.

Encounters with those entities need special kind of contractor...


Welcome to our network


Hi! We are indie team called Hardwired and this page is here for anybody interested in failures and successes on the path to creating the best Sci-fi ARPG ever made. If you like dark cyberpunk, mutants, space travel, or just good old top down ARPG you're in the right place. We hope you will enjoy our journey as much as we do!

“Hardwired” is team founded by industry veterans who are passionate about world and genre we making game from. This project is what we feel has been missing in the game scene since first Diablo was introduced to the world.

So clear up your ports, boot up the mainframe, get ready for DEICIDES!